Student Success Center Testimonials

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Student Testimonials
about Student Success Center

from Blue Ridge Community College annual Student Satisfaction Survey

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"Mrs. Wanda always knows how to help me or sends me to someone who can. Thank you."

"I loved the Student Success Center!"


"Wanda is sweet and really wants students to be successful."

"Thank God for Student Success!"


"The Student Success Center (Wanda) saved my butt in Eng 111!"


"Please keep the SSC open!"


"I have already gotten two of my friends interested and doing this in fall!  I could NOT do this without the one on one at S/S Center!!"


"Thank you. I feel that having access to a Student Success Center is really a great thing. The tutoring from my instructor has really given me a wonderful new insight on essay writing. Having my class inst and my student center tutoring gives great understanding. Thank you Wanda for your professionalism and kindness."


“I like coming in and studying for all my classes. If I have questions there is always someone who can help me.”


“It is a nice atmosphere to be in when you want to get help and everyone there is friendly and helpful.”


“Wanda is such an amazing person/welcoming. Glad I came, rather than hesitating.”


“I recommend the student success center frequently.”


“Wanda is a big help in every subject. If she can’t help me, she finds someone who can.”


“I really appreciated all the help!”


“Thanks for All the Help.”


“I have been attending the success center for 2 years, and have notice a significant difference in my writing and speaking abilities.”


“I don’t know where I’d be if the student success center wasn’t available. It has been a great resource.”


“Wanda has always helped me when I asked for help, or found me tutors in the subject I needed. Would tell anyone having trouble to go see what they can do to help them.”


“Everyone has been extremely friendly and very helpful.”


“They are awesome.”


“I may have gained a letter grade and some free time because of the assistance of the Student Success Center.”


"I went to the Student Success Center and that was the first time ever getting someone else to read my paper out loud. At first, I was shy and thought to myself that my paper was good enough. The lady that went over my paper with me was helpful and educated. The Student Success Center was the best resource I used because it was free, simple, and helpful."


“The only suggestion I would make would be some sound dampening material. When the center is full of tutors and students it does get kind of loud. Awesome pencil sharpener. P.S. New printer was very helpful.”



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Contact Us

Student Success Center at Henderson County Campus
General Studies Building Room 135

(828) 694-1866

Wanda Gant
Student Success Center Coordinator

(828) 694-1648

View Student Success Center Hours - Henderson County Campus


Student Success Center at Transylvania County Campus

Straus Building Library
(828) 694-1906 or 883-2520 


Michele Handy
Student Success Center Coordinator

(828) 694-1906


Hours of Operation:

Call the Center for more information: (828) 694-1906.


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