Understanding Your Award Letter


The information below contains pertinent details regarding your financial aid along with the conditions and criteria associated with your award letter.


Changes in Academic Status
You should contact the Financial Aid Office to determine if any changes in your academic status might result in a loss or change in aid awarded.  For example, dropping or adding classes [how it impacts the current term as well as future terms (SAP)], changing your major, adding mini-mester courses, credit by exam, taking courses not required for your primary program of study, or withdrawing from (or earning “F”s in) all courses.​


Full-Time Vs. Part-Time Enrollment
The amount of awards listed on your award letter is based on full-time status in courses required for your program. The amount will be LESS if you enroll as a three-quarter-time (9-11 cr. hours), half-time (6-8 cr. hours), or less-than-half-time (<6 cr. hours) student. State aid and federal loans require at least half-time enrollment. 


Program Eligibility
Students enrolled in the following diploma and certificate programs will have their credit hours converted to clock hours to determine enrollment status and aid eligibility:  

Alternative Transportation Technology Diploma, Automotive Light-Duty Diesel Diploma, Cosmetology Instructor Certificate, Esthetics Instructor Certificate, and Esthetics Technology Certificate. 

That conversion is calculated by adding the total class and lab hours listed for each course, multiplying that figure by 16, and then dividing it by 37.5.

Some certificate programs do not qualify for federal aid – check with the Financial Aid Office for a current list of ineligible programs.​


​Financial Aid Award & Posting
You can locate your financial aid award in myBlueRidge under Financial Aid. Aid will NOT be reflected on the Account Summary until it has actually posted to your
account after the census date (i.e. first 10% of the semester). ​


DMA Modules & Mini-Mester Enrollment
Your financial aid for the semester will be based on your enrollment at the official census date at the beginning of the semester.  Courses added at a later date DO NOT QUALIFY for additional financial aid. Aid will post for only those classes in which you have begun attendance.​


Developmental Classes
A student may only receive federal financial aid for a maximum of 30 credit hours of attempted developmental courses.  


Payment/Credit Balances
If your financial aid does not cover all charges, you must pay the remaining balance to the Cashier by the date listed on the college calendar or your class schedule will be dropped. ​​​​If your financial aid does cover all charges, you may utilize any credit balance in the College Bookstore by charging course-related books and supplies against it (i.e. this does not include purchasing a computer or iPad). After tuition, fees, and book charges are deducted from financial aid, any remaining credit balance will be sent to BankMobile to be refunded to students according to the published scheduled. Check the Important Dates for Financial Aid for more information regarding bookstore and refund disbursement dates.​ 


Students who have been offered loans can 1) decline the loan, 2) accept a lesser loan amount, or 3) accept the full amount offered. Loans can be viewed and accepted/declined in myBlueRidge under the “Review and Accept My Financial Aid Award Package” link.​ 


What Financial Aid Does Not Cover
Audited classes, continuing education classes, repeat courses with a grade of “C” or better, credit-by-exam courses, or courses outside of or not required for the primary program of study.


Withdrawal from Some or All Courses at the College
Depending on your last date of class attendance, your aid may be adjusted; thereby leaving you with a balance due to the College.  Please refer to the policy in full as listed on the website. 


Satisfactory Academic Progress
Students must be making Satisfactory Academic Progress in order to continue receiving financial aid. 


Special Circumstances
If your financial situation (loss of job, divorce/separation, loss of untaxed income, etc.) has changed significantly from what was filed on the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA), you may complete a Special Circumstances Form and submit it along with supporting documentation for consideration.​ 


Summer Aid
Students may qualify for a Federal Pell Grant and/or Direct Loan during the summer semester if they have not already received their full year award. Check​ myBlueRidge after registering for summer courses.