Education Elevated

Introducing a New Blue Ridge Community College Brand


brand mark for Blue Ridge Community College: three abstract mountain peaks yellow red and blue


In celebration of our 50th anniversary,
Blue Ridge Community College is unveiling a new brand,

red lettering says:Education Elevated

to tell the depth and breadth of our story as we enrich students’ lives and meet the workforce needs of Henderson and Transylvania Counties.







Who are we as a “brand?”

With campuses in Henderson and Transylvania Counties, and online courses, Blue Ridge Community College is a two-year, post-secondary institution that elevates the educational experience to prepare students for the careers of today…and tomorrow. Offering real-life, affordable, and accessible education, we provide pathways to success for students seeking to further their education, start a new career, or enrich their skill set.

Blue Ridge is dedicated to the success of our students, our community, and our region. We understand the challenges and opportunities inherent in our regional economy. Blue Ridge is a wise investment for employers in the region who seek to engage, retain, and strengthen a qualified workforce.

What do we offer, and how can we help you?

According to a recent Gallup/myFutureNC survey, North Carolinians believe that education beyond high school, including a college degree or professional certificate, is a path to a better life for their families, but there are concerns about the overall cost and, therefore, access to college. Additionally, nearly 90 percent of North Carolina employers value a community college degree.

Blue Ridge Community College can help. With hundreds of scholarship opportunities and low-cost tuition, we offer more than 100 degrees, diplomas, and certificates; more than 200 online courses; and fast-tracked job training in five semesters or less. Our talented faculty members develop and teach challenging programs that offer real-life practice, meet the needs of local employers, and lead to well-paying jobs for students.


Blue Ridge Community College logo 2019

In our new logo, we created a visual mark with three summits to represent
both the College’s core student programs –



and our brand pillars







The visual mark symbolizes both abstract, modern mountains and an academic visualization of reaching your summit.


The color scheme represents a sunrise over the majestic Blue Ridge Mountains, which envelop our beautiful campuses, and the angles of the font also represent the silhouette of a mountain range.

gold, red, and blue color swatches next to image of Blue Ridge Mountains



What’s your summit?

Blue Ridge Community College is here to help you overcome any obstacles and pursue your future, today. Let’s get started!