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Customized Training

Customized Training at BRCC unlocks your organization's potential.

Blue Ridge Community College leads economic development in Henderson and Transylvania counties through partnerships with business. These efforts deliver comprehensive assistance for attracting and locating new industries to the area, as well as for fostering growth for existing businesses.

Blue Ridge partners with a variety of organization to deliver quality professional training and development.


Sierra Nevada logo

Sierra Nevada Brewing Company
Sierra Nevada Brewing Company opened their East Coast manufacturing and distribution site in Henderson County at Mills River. Blue Ridge provided critical technical training and development activities — ACT WorkKeys profiling, assessments, and recruitment/ screening efforts — through a Customized Training project that supported the venture.



sylvansport logoSylvan Sport
Sylvan Sport, a manufacturer of light-weight campers in Brevard, turned to a Blue Ridge for Custom Training activities to assist them in developing their personnel’s welding expertise and to begin the culture framework for continuous improvement.


Elkamet logoElkamet Inc.
When German nylon tank manufacturer Elkamet Inc. chose Henderson County as its first North American production site, Blue Ridge was involved. The partnership resulted in a Customized Training project that included the development of ACT WorkKeys profiling in Germany and the creation of a technical operator manual, as well as a company recruitment and training video. Blue Ridge supported Elkamet in the recruitment, screening, assessing, interviewing and the pre-hire/post-hire training of the personnel to staff the new facility.  Blue RIdge continues to support Elkamet with their development opportunities in apprenticeship and tailored training.


The Excelsior Packaging Group
Through Customized Training,  a manufacturer of flexible plastic packaging in Rosman, works closely with Blue Ridge to ensure their personnel maintain the regulatory knowledge and skill sets needed for production.



GF Linamar logoGF Linamar LLC

Georg Fischer (GF) - Germany based metal forging manufacturer since 1802 - and Linamar - a Canada based metal machining manufacturer - joined forces in a newly formed joint venture to provide integrated casting and machining solutions to automotive, industrial and other commercial customers. Together, they built a state of the art facility specializing in high pressure die casting manufacturing in Henderson County. The facility provides light metal - aluminum and magnesium - high pressure die castings for powertrain, driveline and structural components.  Blue Ridge collaborated with GF Linamar to create the one-and-only United States innovative job training lab that boasts a fully operational high pressure die casting cell and a plastic molding injection cell. Blue Ridge provided a wide range of tailored activities from technical to leadership to continuous improvement to safety and health training as well as apprenticeship to support GF Linamar's success.


Norafin logoNorafin Americas Inc.

Norafin, a long established European manufacturer (since early 1800s in Germany) of specialty non woven textiles,built its first North American manufacturing facility in Mills River. Blue Ridge worked closely with them to create a Customized Training plan to support their start-up needs and to establish a foundation of knowledge, competencies and skill sets.  



Demmel Inc., a subsidiary of Demmel AG - a 135-year old German-based leader in industrial design and identity technology, built their first United States manufacturing plant in Henderson County.  Blue Ridge collaborated with them to create a Customized Training program to support their new facility to ensure efficiencies from the beginning.


Kimberly-Clark logoKimberly-Clark Corporation

Kimberly-Clark Berkley Mill has operated in Henderson County since 1923. Kimberly-Clark manufacturers non woven materials used in personal care products. With a recent expansion coupled with a significant shift in technology and a high attrition rate due to retirement, the leadership team turned to Blue Ridge to assist them in creating an apprenticeship program for their maintenance/ technical team.  Blue Ridge worked closely with them to create a recruitment/ selection process which led to a two-year training program.  The Customized Training program included the critical knowledge, competencies and skill sets necessary to support the company's goals.

Customized Training at Blue Ridge can help an organization at various stages.

  • Making capital investment
  • Deploying new technology
  • Creating jobs or expanding an existing workforce
  • Enhancing productivity and profitability of the operations
  • Improving employee skills


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