CROs Course Requirements and Policies


Course Requirements

Computer / Technical Requirements

Blue Ridge Community College has a set of minimum computer specifications that students should have when taking an online class including computer hardware, basic computer skills, required software, and web browser, Internet, and email specifications. That information is included below.


  • Processor: 1 GHz processor or faster or equivalent
  • Memory (RAM): 2GB
  • Hard Drive: 40GB
  • Monitor: 17" 1024x768 or better
  • Operating System – PC: Windows 7 or higher
  • Operating System – Macintosh: System 10.2 or higher
  • Suggested Web Browsers: current Mozilla Firefox, Google Chrome or Apple Safari
  • Business Applications: MS Office 2010, 2013, or 2016; Open Office or LibreOffice
  • Suggested Internet Service: DSL or Cable connection highly recommended. A dial-up connection is NOT sufficient.
  • Email: BRCC Webmail account *REQUIRED* All critical academic and course assignment information will only be sent to your assigned account.
  • Other Suggestions: In general, any PC or Mac computer that is less than 6 years old and is receiving automatic operating system and web browser updates should be sufficient to participate in BRCC distance learning classes. Windows computers also require functional antivirus software such as the free Microsoft Security Essentials.



  • Start up and shut down your computer system and peripherals
  • Identify and use icons, windows and menus
  • Download and install helper applications such as Real Media players, etc.
  • Point, click, double-click and click and drag with mouse
  • Use pull-down / drop-down menus
  • Select, open, move and close a window
  • Start an application and create a document
  • Name, save, retrieve and revise a document
  • Use printing options
  • Cut and paste between applications
  • Use and correctly size graphics for use on the Internet (including PowerPoint files uploaded to the Internet)
  • Connect to the Internet through an Internet Service Provider
  • Access and use resources on the World Wide Web
  • Use browser software and set appropriate Options for Popups, Cookie access, etc.
  • Navigate to a specific website
  • Navigate to a search engine site and perform a specific search
  • Complete and submit online forms
  • Utilize email effectively
  • Send, open, reply to and forward messages
  • Send, open, and save attachments
  • Use signatures
  • Participate in online discussions and forums


COMPUTER USAGE POLICY: Students must adhere to the Computer Usage Policy at Blue Ridge Community College.

View Computer Usage Policy


BRCC POLICIES AND PROCEDURES MANUAL: Students are expected to comply with all College published policies and procedures contained in the Blue Ridge Community College Policies and Procedures Manual.

View BRCC Policies and Procedures Manual


Course Policies


ATTENDANCE POLICY: BRCC has an official Attendance Policy printed in the Catalog and Student Handbook.

View Attendance Policy

This policy can be summarized as follows:

A.  Regularity of class attendance is necessary in order to receive maximum benefits from the program offered and for maintenance of a satisfactory academic record. Whenever students' attendance or punctuality endangers their own success or that of other students, they may be dropped from the course. Two tardies may constitute one contact hour absence. In online and hybrid classes, missing weekly assignments that are academically related, excluding simple logins and/or email, are considered "absences". Students will normally be dropped after they have accumulated a combination of excused or unexcused absences exceeding ten (10) percent of the scheduled class contact hours for the semester. Students who fail to participate in an online course for a period of time exceeding ten (10) percent of the course may be dropped.  The instructor may make exception in case of extenuating circumstances.

B.  A student is expected to confer with each instructor before anticipated or after unavoidable absences. The responsibility for making up class work rests entirely with the student.

C.  When a student is to be dropped from a course for excessive absences, the instructor drops the student from course enrollment using Datatel. The instructor will provide a grade, reason for drop, and a last date of attendance. No refund of tuition is authorized for students dropped for excessive absences by instructors.


DISABILITY SERVICES INFORMATION: The Disability Services Office supports eligible students in ensuring equal access and full participation in all programs and activities sponsored by Blue Ridge Community College.
More information on Disability Services is available on the Disability Services webpages and in the Catalog and Student Handbook.
Students who have a documented disability or who suspect that they may have a disability/learning problem can contact the Disability Services Office in the Sink building, or call 694-1813/1812 to request accommodations.


For some courses, OTHER COURSE POLICIES also apply.
For more information view the course's individual Course Requirements Outline Report.



Required Study Skills for all Online Courses

In order to be successful, a student taking an online class must have strong study skills and take individual responsibility for completing assignments. The most successful students have the following set of study skills:



Self-motivation, defined as a person's willingness to act toward a goal, is the key to success in any online course. Therefore, it is important for you to seek out your own reasons for completing the course successfully. One important thing to keep in mind is that the best courses to take online are those courses for which you already have an interest and ability. Another suggestion for staying motivated is to consider exactly why you want to take this course and what the consequences will be if you do not complete the course successfully. Then, when your motivation is lagging, remind yourself of the goals you have set and why.



Actively reading and carefully taking notes in an online class is extremely important. Whereas in a seated class, instructors often rely heavily on lecture to convey information, in an online class, most of the material the instructor offers will be in written form. You will need to read and take notes on the textbook material, of course, but you will also need to read news and announcements, discussion forums, introductory material, and perhaps most importantly, directions. Misreading directions can seriously harm a student's grade on any given assignment.



Online courses are unique in that they are accessible whenever you decide to go to class. However, because you are responsible for completing the course assignments, interacting with your peers on the discussion board, and keeping up with instructor announcements, you must manage your time wisely in order to ensure you meet the deadlines posted for any assignment. It is a good idea to keep a class attendance schedule and set times when you plan to log in each day.



Procrastination is a major hindrance to success in online courses. Set interim goals and deadlines for yourself within the course. Thinking about doing the whole course can often be overwhelming.

Accomplishing parts of it in reasonable time periods is encouraging and helpful.



You will need to use an electronic or paper planner to keep up with the deadlines for assignments, tasks and other requirements of this online course. Chart a weekly time table laying out exactly what you plan to get accomplished each week in the course. You will need to set aside time each week to devote to this course.