Computer-Integrated Machining

machining equipment up close; caption: We know computer integrated machining.

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Why Computer Integrated Machining? 

 Today's manufacturing is complex, high tech and increasingly automated. Manufacturers are looking for highly skilled employees who are analytical, creative and innovative.

Employment opportunities for machining technicians exist in manufacturing industries, public institutions, governmental agencies and in a wide range
of specialty machining job shops.

A degree or certificate from Blue Ridge will qualify graduates for employment in this rapidly changing industry.

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About the Program
We know computer-integrated machining. After you complete our CIM program, you will too.  

Coursework may include manual machining, computer applications, engineering design, computer-aided drafting (CAD), computer-aided machining (CAM), blueprint interpretation, advanced computerized numeric control (CNC) equipment, basic and advanced machining operations, precision measurement and high-speed multi-axis machining. 

Students will get hands-on experience in a state-of-the-art lab that prepares students to work in modern, high-tech manufacturing facilities as a CNC machinist. Students will learn to use computers in machining, manufacturing, robotics, automation and design.


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Our Graduates

Graduates should qualify for employment as machining technicians in high-tech manufacturing, rapid-prototyping and rapid-manufacturing industries, specialty machine shops, fabrication industries, and high-tech or emerging industries such as aerospace, aviation, medical, and renewable energy, and to sit for machining certification examinations.


Degrees, Diplomas & Certificates

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  • Computer–Integrated Machining Associate in Applied Science Degree
  • Computer-Integrated Machining Diploma
  • CNC Turning Operator Certificate
  • CNC Milling Operator Certificate
  • Machinist – Entry Certificate
  • Manufacturing Technician Certificate