Find My Username and ID


1. To find your Username, go to WebAdvisor by clicking the WA icon WebAdvisor icon or by navigating to and click the "Student" link

Under the menu "User Account", click "What's My User ID?"

What's my User ID menu image


3. A "What's My User ID" screen appears. Type in your last name ON RECORD and Social Security number (no dashes or spaces) or seven digit Colleague Student ID number if you know it.  Click SUBMIT.

What's my User ID screenshot

This screen now shows your user ID- (Username) it is very important that you write this down. 


4. Now, click your browser's BACK button and your student ID number will fill in underneath your Social Security number.

WA go back button


5. The next screen will display your username, social, and Colleague Student ID number: Be sure to write this down.

screenshot user ID number