General Occupational

What it's about

The General Occupational Technology curriculum provides individuals with an opportunity to upgrade their skills and to earn an associate degree by taking courses suited for their occupational interests and/or needs.

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Jobs available

You’ll become a more effective worker and better qualified for advancement within your current field of employment. 

Salary you'll make

Because the program provides a broad base knowledge that can be valuable in almost any career, salaries depend greatly on the specific abilities of the graduate as well as the specific career.

Courses you'll take

The curriculum content will be individualized for students according to their occupational interests and needs. A program of study for each student will be selected from associate degree-level courses offered by the College.

What you'll gain

Graduates will become more effective workers, better qualified for advancements within their field of employment, and become qualified for a wide range of entry-level employment opportunities.


Upon successful completion of this program, the student should be able to:

  • Speak and listen effectively.
  • Communicate effectively in writing.
  • Use critical thinking to analyze and solve problems.
  • Demonstrate the ability to read information on charts, graphs, and from maps, manuals, stories, etc.
  • Use basic mathematics and science in the process of problem solving.
  • Use computers to access and process information.
  • Possess the necessary academic knowledge and technical skills for entry into employment and/or further study.
  • Deal effectively and appropriately with others.
  • Operate equipment and use instruments/tools appropriate to the specialty area.

Students already employed are encouraged to work closely with their employers in designing their emphasis of study. 

Degrees, Diplomas & Certificates

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  • General Occupational Technology Associate in Applied Science Degree


Faculty Contacts

Leigh Angel
Dean, Health Sciences
(828) 694-1729

Brenda Blackburn
Dean Business & Service Careers
(828) 694-1773

Aaron Cook
Dean, Arts and Sciences
(828) 694-1845


Joe Shook
Transportation Technologies, Chair
(828) 694-1686