Group Training Workshop

Employability Training


Henderson County/Transylvania County NCWorks provides short-term, pre-vocational training and counseling, through group workshops and individual counseling, to give individuals the essential personal skills to successfully enter the workforce, pursue further training, or change careers. Services are offered at no cost to unemployed individuals.


Employability Workshops

Henderson County/Transylvania County NCWorks presents a monthly workshop series to help you identify your tools, skills, and strategies for a successful job search. Topics include: 

The Miracle of Networking-What you are looking for is also looking for you
This workshop will explore the "Hidden Job Market"  Learn how to find the hidden jobs by networking in person and online.  Develop your people and communication skills.  How to build a relationship base and use it effectively to take charge of your job search.

Polish your Resume and Shine at the Job Interview
Tailoring your resume to the jobs you are applying for is vital.  Learn to adjust your template to stand out from the pile of CVs.  Online applications and how to answer the open-ended questions.  Build your confidence and identify your communication style to ace the oral interview.  Also learn about virtual interviews and how to get the best results in them.

Getting Hired over 50-"Reinventing yourself AND passing down your wisdom"
Group Workshop on finding your strengths and using your authenticity to get back in the workforce.  If you are ready to bloom again and need a little assistance to brush up on some employability skills.  Whether it is facing the "tech question" or modernizing your resume.  Honing in on what you are best at and selling those skills.


Career Counseling

Henderson County/Transylvania County NCWorks offers job seekers the unique opportunity to receive one-on-one guidance from a highly trained career professional. Available by appointment only, our expert counselors will work with you to improve your resume, interviewing, and networking, or help establish your career goals.  

Space in these popular workshops fills up quickly. For information on getting registered and accessing these services please call the Henderson County NCWorks Office at (828) 694-1755 or the Transylvania County NCWorks Office at (828) 883-2550 or visit in person.